About Us

We started small…  Our plan was to provide milk for our family, especially our daughter that has trouble tolerating cows milk.  We also had a very overgrown property with tons of poison ivy, so we thought getting rid of that would be a bonus!

And then the first kids were born!  We were already in love with our goats, their delicious milk, and their fun antics, but the babies completely stole our hearts!  We were hooked!

It didn’t take long to realize that we would be breeding the goats every year to produce their milk.  We felt strongly that if we were going to be breeders, we wanted to breed quality animals.  Nigerians are dairy goats, so we feel that productivity is very important!  I think our impressive collection of bucks out of top ten does shows our strong commitment to that goal!

But, production without longevity means little.  A doe with good conformation will hold together for many years.  So we look at linear appraisal scores and show results to determine the quality of an animals structure.  Again, our bucks have very strong backgrounds in these areas as do the majority of our does.

As a further commitment to excellence, we are now participating in both milk test and linear appraisal.  We are also making plans to get out and show our goats more often.  We have been told that the quality of our herd is a well kept secret.  Well, it’s time to put these animals to the test and let the world know they are here!